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Dissident candidate battling his own party – 3-20-2021

Like many politicians, Republican congressional candidate Eddy Aragon has a grievance against the powers that be.

He says an election is being manipulated and sullied, possibly to his detriment. That claim is common enough.

— New Mexico GOP to choose candidate for Congressional District 1 next week – 3-18-2021

….The central committee of the Republican Party of New Mexico will convene March 27 to nominate one of seven candidates to run in a June 1 special election to fill the U.S. House seat vacated by Deb Haaland…

The field of GOP contenders includes:


        • Eddy Aragon, CEO of the Rock of Talk radio station….


–Special election set for June 1 to fill House seat vacated by Haaland – 3/

….The 1st Congressional District has belonged to Democrats since 2008… radio host Eddy Aragon have emerged as possible Republican contenders.

— Joe Monahan’s New Mexico 2/20/21

GOP Congress Hopeful Preps Lawsuit To Force Primary Elections For Haaland Vacancy; Closed Door Method Called “Insanely Un Democratic”, Plus: Some Reader Mailbag Eddy Aragon There’s not much public support for the closed door method that will be used to pick the major party nominees when the ABQ congressional seat becomes vacant upon the Senate confirmation of Dem Rep. Deb Haaland as Sec. of Interior. And now there’s a lawsuit to force open those doors.

GOP congressional hopeful Eddy Aragon is going to court to force the major parties–Dem, R and Libertarian–to have primary elections to choose their congressional candidates, instead of the small group of party central committee members that are responsible under current law with doing the task. Aragon, an ABQ radio station owner, and a proud Trump Republican, says: It is insanely un-democratic for a group of 134 people to determine a nominee for a federal election – or any election.

Given our state’s long history of corruption, you’d hope that back-room deals between elite power brokers would be in our past. But it’s happening again, right now. The fiery Aragon, who recently made an unsuccessful challenge to unseat NM GOP Chairman Steve Pearce, added: The Republican Party is becoming more and more irrelevant. They act as elites, but grassroots Republicans are now strongly anti-elitist. . . My campaign ushers in a new political and social era. We common people, we working people, are not going to take any more abuse from the political ruling class. Aragon is suing the the Secretary of State in federal court to make the change to a primary system. Details have not yet been released for what will be a long shot lawsuit.

The court action comes with the special election looming. Haaland is expected to be confirmed in March. The election will be called by the SOS for no later than 91 days after the vacancy. Aragon would like a primary during the first month and two months for the general election. In addition to Aragon, Michaela Chavez, Ron Lucero, Peggy Muller Aragon and Jared Vander Dussen are seeking the GOP nomination. The bad news for that group is that the ABQ seat is decidedly blue and the GOP nomination is worth about the same as a current season ticket for Lobo basketball. Not much.

Washington Post 2/11/21

“This is about 74 million Americans who likely voted for the winner, in Donald Trump,” Eddy Aragon, a New Mexico radio host running for Congress, said on the Tuesday edition of his radio show. It was “hard to believe” that Trump lost, he said, “given the mathematicians, the Dominion machines, the Smartmatic voting machines, the voter fraud that will never be investigated.”

Aragon, one of the candidates anticipating a special election when Rep. Deb Haaland becomes secretary of the Interior Department, is not running a Trump-focused campaign. In an interview, he emphasized his past as a Democrat, his focus on free speech and affordable energy, and a “lost decade” of economic growth in Albuquerque as his key issues.

But Trump’s falsehoods about voting machines, even in places he won, are still being shared by Republican activists across the country. This week, Georgia’s Republican Party urged the state to scrap its Dominion machines, which were approved in July 2019 by the Republican-run state government, and Aragon had questions of his own about the technology that recorded Trump’s defeat.

“You lose an election before it’s even run because you didn’t pay attention to the machines that were purchased,” Aragon said. “We have nobody to blame but ourselves.”

— Santa Fe New Mexican 2/3/21

Vander Dussen and the other two new contenders join Albuquerque radio personality Eddy Aragon; bookkeeper Michaela Chavez; and Michelle Garcia Holmes, who ran unsuccessfully against Haaland in the November general election…

— Santa Fe New Mexican 2/1/21

……..the other two new contenders join Albuquerque radio personality Eddy Aragon; and Michelle Garcia Holmes, who ran unsuccessfully against Haaland in the November general election……

— Albuquerque Journal 1/4/21

Several other candidates have also said they are planning to run for the seat in the Democratic-leaning district, including Republicans Eddy Aragon and Michelle Garcia Holmes…

— Albuquerque Journal 12/21/20

The field for an Albuquerque-based congressional seat continued to take shape Monday after U.S. Rep. Deb Haaland’s nomination as interior secretary, even as a Democratic legislator said he is working on a proposal to overhaul the state’s law for filling such vacancies…