On The Issues

My focus on issues is simple: protecting the rights of Americans, and protecting our democracy.


(1)  Defending Our First Amendment Rights

230 years after the Bill of Rights became law, we still must fight to defend our Constitutional rights to free speech, religion, assembly and petition. Today’s threats to our rights come cloaked in ease and convenience: online retailers, cell phones, digital assistants, social media platforms. Big Tech has joined with Big Government to assume the role of Big Brother. Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Google have shown themselves to be partisan actors. But defending our freedoms is not a partisan issue. Every American should care about it, and take action to ensure that we do not again become subjects to a dictatorial regime, instead of free citizens.


(2)  Enacting Term Limits & Political Accountability

America’s Founding Fathers intended government service to be temporary. George Washington didn’t want to serve a second term as president, but he did so because he feared the alternatives. Unfortunately, our elected representatives now view politics as a career. Who can blame them, when incumbent members of Congress are re-elected more than 90 percent of the time? Gerrymandered districts have increased political polarization, which in turn has increased legislative gridlock. Our government doesn’t work because it has been distorted to not work.

A solution to this problem starts with political term limits. We limit the president to two terms – why shouldn’t we limit members of Congress to at most 12 years of service? Removing the “career path” of politics and restoring citizen legislators will go a long way to making the system work better.

Another problem with America’s political accountability is the overuse of presidential executive authority. Many books have been written about the power of the presidency constantly creeping upward. Executive orders are a leading example. The number of executive orders has exploded in recent political history. But only Congress has authority to legislate policy – not the president. We must curb this abuse of executive power.

As with defending our Constitutional rights, enacting term limits and making government more accountable to voters is a non-partisan issue. Every American should support the desire to make our government work better for us – its citizens.

(3)  Ending Political Corruption

In recent years, we’ve been exposed to political corruption on a scale that’s stranger than fiction. World, national and state leaders are tied to Jeffrey Epstein’s network of pedophiles. Yet when Epstein “hung himself” in jail under mysterious circumstances, those political leaders were not investigated. I had to start a petition drive to force an investigation into Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico.

To end political corruption and restore faith in our electoral system, we must take steps to ensure election integrity. No corruption can be tolerated at the ballot box. This does not require new technology – it only requires the political will to clean up our messy, state-by-state election laws.