We need a fighter like Eddy Aragon to win the upcoming special election for New Mexico’s first Congressional district to represent us, the people in the United States Congress.

Since 2015, Eddy has been dedicated to solving New Mexico’s problems as a radio commentator and activist. Eddy hears your voice, and he is one of us. He cares about solving the problems that affect us and he will make life better for everyday working New Mexicans.

As our future congressman, Eddy will not become part of the Washington DC establishment. We’ve had enough of that. We need a true New Mexican who has a record of fighting for the working class and shaking things up. Nobody owns Eddy, which means he’ll do what’s right for us.

Jay Block
Lt. Col. USAF (retired)
Sandoval County Commissioner

Eddy is loyal, honest, straightforward, a breath of fresh air, and someone who’s not afraid to speak the truth.

Greg Zanetti
Brigadier General, New Mexico Army National Guard

Eddy Aragon did a great job answering the questions at the CD1 “vetting of candidates” meeting. He was thoughtful, articulate, and he answered the questions like a patriotic conservative. Eddy answered the two gun questions like a person who truly believes in the Second Amendment, and who understands that we have gun laws designed to punish legal gun owners, not criminals. Plus, he carries one of my favorite guns, the Glock 43!

Stefani Lord
NM Representative, District 22
Founder, Pro-Gun Women

Never donated to any campaign in my 60 years of life. My cynicism of politicians grew early when their words rarely matched their actions. That I’m donating to Eddy says a lot. I don’t always agree with him but that’s good. He always makes me think. Gives his thoughts honestly and his actions match his words. That’s what we need to make NM a better place. A leader like Eddy is what we need to change what is and help us live up to our potential.

Rick Mclaughlin