Dear Central Committee Members:

I’ve had more than one warning about potential problems with vote counting in the upcoming CD-1 nomination election. Here are some facts to consider:

1. Party Chairman Steve Pearce and Executive Director Nike Kern told candidates two weeks ago that they would send an email with election information for candidates – but we have received nothing. We have no information about how the vote will be held or how the votes will be counted.

2. Currently, there exists no plans for a candidate debate that would enable SCC members to see the candidates interact. Instead, party officials say they will record candidate interviews and send them to voting members.

3. BCGOP Chair, Julie Wright, emailed some SCC members telling them their membership dues must be up to date if they want to vote. Tying a fee to voting rights is akin to a poll tax, which is illegal.

4. Party officials have not told the candidates if their campaigns will be allowed to observe the vote.

I’m not saying the RPNM will cheat. But I’m a big believer in Ronald Reagan’s adage, “Trust but verify.” Given the mass confusion and ‘recount’ of the NMGOP officer election last December, the only way to avoid a disputed election is a roll call vote via Zoom, available to all SCC members both live and via recording.

I’m absolutely stunned that Chairman Pearce and the RPNM officers knew this election was coming, yet have provided no leadership for it. This is an embarrassment for the party.

But the bigger embarrassment will be if party officials bungle this election and have to redo it at threat of a lawsuit, giving the Democrats a head start on the general election campaign.

It’s time for leadership!