Dear Central Committee Members,

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what makes a legal candidate for this important CD-1 primary election. But let’s consider other qualifications that make for a winning candidate.

Candidate Motivation
By now, you probably have in mind a favored candidate. But do you know why your candidate is in the race?

A person’s motivation is probably the single most important predictor in how they will behave in any given situation.

If your candidate is Eddy Aragon, you know by now that his motivation is to serve the people of New Mexico. He is not, and does not want to be, a career politician. He is not running for public recognition and praise – he already has that. He is not looking for a job; he owns a business.

What about your candidate?

Marketing & Branding
In our media-driven society, branding and marketing is the key to winning anything. How good of a marketer is your candidate?

Few people think about branding and marketing more than Eddy. Consider:

  • His phone / text number: (505) 550-5500. Memorable.
  • His radio call letters: KIVA – a room used by Puebloans for political meetings
  • His station number: 1600, as in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the White House
  • The multiple platforms that carry his programming: ROKU TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV+, his own Rock of Talk apps at for radio and for TV
  • His Rock of Talk app at, which represents his hometown of Albuquerque and his medium, radio, offering more music stations than are on the radio dial.
  • Like many conservatives, Eddy doesn’t use Zuckerberg’s Facebook – which shadow bans conservatives – or Dorsey’s Twitter, which banned Trump and which Rush abandoned. Or any other social media platform. Despite that, Eddy has the most name recognition in this race, and is the voice of conservative opposition in mass media.

Of course, branding can also work against you. President Trump is genius at branding his political opponents: “Sleepy” Joe Biden, “Basement” Biden, Beijing Biden, Hidin’ Biden, etc. He also did this during the 2016 primary: “Lying” Ted, “Little” Marco, “Low Energy” Jeb.

One of Eddy’s opponents in this primary campaign has developed a strong brand around a single issue: abortion. There is nothing to criticize about that, but it won’t win a conservative primary open to voters, and it certainly won’t win a general election campaign in CD-1.

Another of Eddy’s primary opponents is branded by his votes for liberal causes such as  the Energy Transition Act (Alexandria Ocascio’s Green New Deal) and legalizing marijuana (here’s the article from the High Times – no joke). He’s not a conservative. His friend and biggest supporter gave money to Gov. Lujan-Grisham to legalize marijuana. If you want a Republican party that looks just like the Democratic party, vote for him. Which brings us to…

Conservative Integrity
Integrity – the consistency of thought and action – is the source of a candidate’s believability.

But that doesn’t mean a candidate must never evolve his beliefs – or even his party affiliation.

Ronald Reagan was a Democratic labor union leader before he became a Republican in 1962. Donald Trump was a registered Democrat from 2001-2009. Eddy Aragon was an “inherited Democrat” until he grew up and wised up.

Since Eddy started his radio program six years ago, no one has carried the mantle of conservatism in New Mexico more than Eddy. And starting in May, Eddy’s station will carry the legacy of the third most important voice in conservatism of the past 40 years, after Reagan and Trump: Rush Limbaugh.

Like Trump and Limbaugh, Eddy’s loud conservative voice has earned him haters. But he is willing to be hated in service to the conservative cause. Whether or not he wins this primary, he will continue to carry the torch for conservatism.

Like Trump and Limbaugh, Eddy is a self-made man whose successes and failures make him able to stand on his own two feet.

If we are going to win this race in 2021 and take back a congressional seat that people think is impossible, we must stand up for what we believe without compromise.

Republicans have won this race 20 of 27 times. But for far too long, we have diluted the conservative brand by offering to work across the aisle – as one of Eddy’s opponents brags about himself. That’s not what wins. And that’s not what New Mexico needs.

Available to You and Interested in You
As I write this, there’s almost exactly three days until the called primary date. If you haven’t yet met or spoken with Eddy, now’s your chance. Text or call him directly: (505) 550-5500.

Eddy is available, approachable and friendly. He will win you over, just as he won over the crowd last night at the Rio Grande FRW meeting and earlier at the Bernalillo County candidate forum and the Engage 31 forum. He’s also met with the Bernalillo, Valencia, and San Bern Federations of Republican Women.

Eddy’s been running hard since early February. If you haven’t seen much of the other two legal, FEC-registered candidates, Elisa Martinez and Mark Moores, that’s because they officially entered this race only a week ago, or less.

We’ve reached out to each and every one of you. The few who won’t take Eddy’s call are the powers that be, who are responsible for the Republican Party’s 14-year history of failure in CD-1. Those powers that be will tell you not to vote for Eddy. But as you’ve seen, Eddy has no fear. He’s a fighter. He won’t be stopped.

With the passing of our great conservative standard bearers of the last half century, Reagan and Limbaugh, it’s time for new Republican candidates and leadership. Men and women respectful of tradition, yet determined to find new success for our cause.

Eddy is one such leader.

Vote smart! Vote to win.