Dear Central Committee Members,

On Friday night, I sent you an email that expressed our concerns that the Republican primary election for CD-1 was being bungled.  I told you about illegal candidates and violations of election law.

Two hours after that email, New Mexico GOP Executive Director, Nike Kern, resigned.

Though we take Nike’s resignation as a positive sign, these problems of party competency pre-existed her short time in office. They have existed under the entirety of Steve Pearce’s chairmanship. And the problems are not only internal: Chairman Pearce failed to win New Mexico for President Trump in 2020.

As I write this, the NM GOP continues to list eight candidates on its ballot for Saturday’s primary – despite that there are only three legally qualified candidates: Eddy Aragon, Elisa Martinez, and Mark Moores. All others have failed to meet FEC requirements as candidates.

It gets worse: based on our news release, Milan Simonich, a political columnist for the Santa Fe New Mexican, interviewed GOP First Vice Chairman, Robert Aragon (no relation to Eddy), who serves as the party’s attorney. In that interview, Robert Aragon claimed that “No one is a candidate yet – a candidate will be selected March 27.”   (See attachment of correspondence between Eddy and Milan)

This is dumbfounding. “No one is a candidate yet”? Eddy Aragon has been legally registered as a candidate with the FEC for months. Elisa Martinez registered last Thursday. Mark Moores this past Sunday.  The Democrats have eight legally registered candidates and have had for months.

Sure sounds like Robert Aragon wants to deny any voice from you, our Central Committee members, in the selection of the Republican nominee.

Perhaps he and Steve Pearce want to tap a nominee on the head with their royal scepters.

Today – six days before our primary and 71 days before the general election – the New Mexico Republican Party has no executive director, no functioning website, no promise of a transparent count of your primary vote. (The Democrats have done so.)

Eddy has already raised money, is on air three hours a day, has instant name recognition and is on every single platform including Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV in addition to his radio stations on AM 1600 KIVA, AM 1490 KRSN Santa Fe and 107.1 Los Alamos.

Let’s be honest with ourselves and each other: our party is divided and in disarray. We need new party leadership, and new, electable candidates for the electoral opportunities upcoming. But before we can elect new party leadership, you, the Central Committee members, will elect your nominee for CD-1.

This is our first ­– and perhaps best – shot at flipping another seat in Congress from blue to red. When you make your decision, I hope you will consider the leadership that Eddy Aragon has shown in trying to ensure a fair and free election for our CD-1 nominee, and in launching his candidacy early and legally. He is the one candidate who has shown foresight, planning, and relentless determination to win this primary and to win this seat in Congress.

If Eddy can be this effective within our party, just imagine what he can do to the Democrats in the general election.

Vote smart- Vote to win!